We value the life and legacy of our loved ones that are here and gone. In today's society, there is no visual representation of our elders, lost loved ones, or anyone who might have departed from us, outside of photos. We created Your Ancestors to give the community the opportunity to capture the lives of our loved ones now, rather it being too late.


It is our mission to focus on the history of the community that's not shared outside of family tradition. 

We offer a variety of sessions that fit the need of the individual. SIGN UP BELOW!!!

How can I sign up?

Applications can be submitted by clicking the sign-up link.

Do I have to go public?

No, although we would like to use snippets of your video for appreciation, recognition and/or inspirational reasons, it is always your written choice to make parts or all of your video public.

How much is it for this service?

$85.00 usd per hour

DVD Creation = $10.00

Outside of 50 miles - $0.90 per mile (first 50 miles free)

What type of questions will you ask?

We ask a variety of questions based on the individual so none of the important questions will ever be the same. Once the appointment has been confirmed, we will set-up an introduction call to get to know the individual and to prep them prior to the interview.